Black Business Spotlight: Zia-Ashenta Photography


Turning your passion into a career is a task that many strive to get to. Many of the activities we choose to do may be shunned by doubters who do not think that it may provide the best life for us. Well Zia Bradley took her passion for photography and has shown the world what can be done when you create your own lane.

Zia-Ashenta is a production company started by Zia who is from Jacksonville, Florida. Whether you need a photographer or videographer, she can provide you some of the best services around town. Her goal is to network and help anyone from local artists and models to develop their brand.

The name Zia-Ashenta comes from her first and middle name which was inspired by her mother. As far as to getting into photography, the journey started in high school where she became fascinated by her friends taking photos for the yearbook club. Once she realized she needed one for her own personal use, Zia sold a number of personal items to buy her first camera. While she would eventually attending college later at Florida A&M, she would take pictures of numerous events around campus like football games and fashion shows.

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When looking at the work Zia produces, it is an amazing sight to see. All of the photos are very crisp and clear which brings out the unique personality in every subject that is taken. From graduation photos to maternity shoots, you can tell the people in the photos are comfortable and expressive.

Despite the success she has seen, Zia knows that there is increasing pressure to overcome obstacles and doubters every day. For one, people suggested that the work was so good she should charge more. Once graduation season came around, the amount of request for photoshoots was out the roof. She always feels the pressure of being from Jacksonville because everyone has a crab in the barrel mentality which can tear down many trying to do the right thing. Helping each other succeed and having healthy competition is something she strives for.

With her sights at one day becoming a huge global figure, Zia continues to be the best version she can be and collaborating with creative individuals.

To learn more about Zia-Ashenta visit, Instagram/Zia.Ave, Twitter/ziaave, and Tumblr



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