Black Business Spotlight: Beautiful Handsome Brand


The struggle to maintain facial hair is a tough for many men. Once we are deep in the puberty stage that little bit of chin hair or peach fuzz that starts can grow into a full blown beard in just a few years. Keeping a beard healthy and growing is an issue men struggle with but one couple is out to help you keep your beard looking right all the time. Beautiful Handsome Brand might be able to save your facial hair after all.

Beautiful Handsome Brand is a men’s grooming product line. Started Andrea and Charles Imafidon from Boston, Massachusetts, they specialize in organic and natural beard shampoos, oils, and balms. Andrea was already making homemade oils for her natural hair and Charles’s dreadlocks. Once she was contacted by Providence College to become a vendor for a holistic and natural hair event she took it to another level by creating beard oils and experimenting them on Charles. Once the products reacted well to his face, the business took off.

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Despite being a woman, Andrea takes pride in making beard products and knows that there is a big market where men need these items.

“Our products are made in our lab in our home. I make all the beard products in which I experiment with smells and natural oil ingredients. I am the only woman who makes facial hair products. We also marketed towards men who are BAEs (Bearded and Educated) because society believes that beards are hipster-like, but many professional men, especially the brothers are rocking well-groomed and well-kept beards, but they are also in need of a beard facial, conditioner, shampoo and moisturizer,” said Andrea.

With beards all over being saved by Beautiful Handsome Brand, the Imafidon family knows that their business will become very lucrative and provide financial stability for years to come.

“I see Beautiful Handsome Brand at all the retail and department stores. Beautiful Handsome Brand will be a multi-million dollar company that will be recognized globally and also provide good services that will help others beyond facial hair care. Beautiful Handsome Brand will not only be a household product, but we will also be a philanthropic business,” said Andrea.

To learn more about Beautiful Handsome Brand visit, Instagram @beautiful_handsome_brand, Twitter @BHBrand617, and Facebook @BeautifulHandsomeBrand.



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