Black Business Spotlight: Combs Designs


When most of us are young kids, appreciating everything our parents do is something we take for granted. The lessons our elders teach us are instilled at us at a young age to help us grow into strong men and women. Well the lessons that Marie Nicole Combs learned from her parents helped her start her own business. Hard work and dedication have gotten Combs Designs far in life.

Combs Designs is an up and coming clothing brand based out of Oakland, Ca. All of the apparel is handcrafted with 100% cotton material. Combs started getting into fashion while she was a model in San Francisco. Being interested in this unique craft gave her some ideas to design her own pieces. Seeing it as a fun project, the clothes she started designing began to gain the notice of friends and family. Becoming a business seemed very realistic at this point.

Growing up in a strict household in the Bay Area, Combs was never given any handouts. Her and her sibling were never just given money by choice and eventually had to work for it when given allowances. By the age of 13, she was already working in a factory with her family. By high school she hustled hard to sell candy, gum, and other sweets so she could buy lunch and bus fare. This hard work ethic that was instilled in Combs at a young age has paid off big time. She is very appreciative of all the sacrifices her parents made which has led to a thriving business.

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The style that CD provides is very eye catching to those who encounter it. Many of the designs are tie-dyed, which has a unique style. Women, especially, who are looking to step outside of the comfort zone and display their confidence, CD is just for you. This brand thrives off of positivity, love, and innovation. With all of the positive feedback that this brand has received lately, the expansion plans to rock the fashion industry.

Being a Black-owned business, Combs plans to help improve the wealth gap that plagues America. Becoming a nationwide powerhouse is a task she wants to attain with this business. Helping promote other black businesses and allow all up and coming creators to flourish in whatever they desire is important. I guess all that hard work growing up has made this young woman into the star she was always meant to be.

To learn more about Combs Design visit, and combsdesigns on instagram.


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