Black Business Spotlight: Honey Qween Lemonade



Living in Los Angeles, the heat in the spring and summer can be very rough for those who are not use to it. Everyone is always ready to cool off with any beverage that they can get their hands on. One classic drink that you cannot go wrong with is lemonade, which can quench anyone’s thirst. Well, one woman in southern California is taking your favorite traditional drink and adding her own twist to it.

HoneyQween Lemonade® is an organic lemonade company based out of Los Angeles. The founder, A’kia She’kiba, who commonly goes by, “HoneyQween”, handcrafted her product which started out as her experimenting with different flavors. Soon, she was able to master the art of exotic lemonade. The strict discipline needed to run her business was taught by her mother at a young age while growing up in the city of Compton. Having to read books about successful black entrepreneurs, inspired her to own her own business one day. Inevitably, she is now making a name for herself in the beverage industry.

When you’re in the need for some lemonade, HoneyQween Lemonade® has become an accessible product in the Los Angeles area.  They cater all types of events such as weddings and birthday parties. You can catch her at numerous pop-up shops like Leimert Park on Sundays serving the community. There are also a couple of local restaurants that serve HoneyQween Lemonade®️. Above all, seeing people of all ages enjoy the lemonade has been nothing but pure joy for The HoneyQween.

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The flavors that are available will blow your mind!  HoneyQween Lemonade® features three signature flavors: Coca-Berry, Mintation, and Pineapple Cinnamon. Each one made with fresh fruit and have a unique taste. This is not your average lemonade that grandma made back in the day. You will definitely come back for another glass or two.

As more and more people find out about HoneyQween Lemonade®, you can be sure the brand will continue to expand and grow rapidly. The HoneyQween plans to have her product in notable grocers like Whole Foods while still working with local businesses.  In essence, her ultimate goal is to own her own franchise within the next decade. Lastly but most importantly, giving back to the community is a practice The HoneyQween has incorporated into her lifestyle. Starting a youth initiative for young black entrepreneurs is a task that she plans to develop and will be her greatest and most notable accomplishment. Helping the next wave of business minded individuals is most important to her and her knowledge will definitely be important for the culture.

To learn more about HoneyQween Lemonade®️, visit, follow on Instagram@honeyqween_lemonade Facebook: HoneyQween Lemonade. For orders you can call (323) 540- 6808 or email Lemonade can also be purchased at Earls Grill (Los Angeles), Juice-C-Juice (Carson), and Mingle Juice Bar (Inglewood) NYM Kitchen (Compton).



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