Black Business Spotlight: Klicks By Kam


Traveling and seeing the world outside of your normal everyday activities is very important for self- development. As you get out of the house, a simple road trip or flight outside of the country, experiencing something outside of your comfort zone can humble you in the greatest way. Kamrin Lewis has taken his experience with travel while using a camera to capture the beauty to create his own business.

Klicks By Kam is a photography service based out of Oakland, Ca. The travels that Lewis has partaken in due to being in the U.S. Army has allowed him to see places far beyond the Bay Area. His work has taken him all over the world to places like Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Ireland.  When it comes to personal travel, Toronto, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Buffalo are just a few of the places he has enjoyed sightseeing. Lewis’s photography is very distinct because he is able to capture the important elements of scenery. Whether he is shooting a wedding, sporting event, or fashion show, the viewer will feel like they are at the location.

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The art of taking pictures has become popular where even most cell phones can capture good footage. Despite that outlet, real photographers take their craft seriously and know there is a lot to invest in this career. The reception he has got within the community has really helped Lewis grow as a visual artist. Traveling to Toronto gave him the motivation to start taking photography seriously. That’s where he took his first photo under the Klicks By Kam name and everything went up from there.

Lewis has big dreams of turning the Klicks By Kam brand into one of the biggest media companies in the world. He is currently putting together a team of creative individuals to start an outlet that will not only produce photography but films as well .The two teams in the company consist of Lewis and Vijay Tidwell in Southern California  and Jourdan Scott in Northern California. Moving to Los Angeles is also a move that Lewis plans to make so he can be in one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world.

To learn more about Klicks By Kam follow on Instagram klicksbykam, Twitter EverythingKAM, and Facebook Kamrin Lewis.


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