Black Business Spotlight: MBG


The role of an artist is to create pieces of material that will inspire and educate others. Whether it is spoken word or painting, the ideas that you manifest into the world can have a great impact on generations to come. One man is using his canvas to tell a story while providing real authenticity. Matt Brown’s work is certainly capturing the attention of many art fans nationwide.

MBG (Matt Brown Gallery) is a collection of art started by Brown who is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. Heavily influenced by his parents who were both creatives in art and writing, Brown specializes in painting and has made quite a name for himself. His more popular paintings have been the Givenchy and Mega man series. In those paintings you will find an interesting balance of classic figures like a panda bear on a GQ magazine or the classic Mega man video game character on a Wheaties box. The Givenchy character was inspired by the new age pop art culture. These types of paintings create interesting visuals that can make one’s imagination go wild.

The process that goes into a MBG piece takes a good amount of time and dedication. Each piece is perfected in creating masterful artwork. When first starting a new project Brown will incorporate layers in the background. Then sketch out the subject, spray paint, and brush to finish the job. This process is different than your stenciling and screen printing on canvas as it challenges other artists to try a different style and get out of your comfort zone.

Any artist knows that when they receive compliments for their work from strangers it makes their day. The love has been shown greatly to Brown and his work as he continues to inspire other up and coming artists. Seeing his work in actual homes is something he enjoys more than being in an actual gallery. We live in such a technology dependent world that it can take away the focus of more important aspects of life. Looking at art allows us to see the world in a different way and appreciate creative minds. MBG plans to elevate the art culture one home at a time.

To learn more about MBG visit, follow on Instagram mbgart, Twitter theMBGallery, and Facebook themattbrowngallery.



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