Black Business Spotlight: AMoorefitbody



Finding your true motivation after a setback can be hard in life. Every day we are tested to overcome a struggle that can determine our future. Those who endure most of that pain suffer in their adult years due to the struggle of fitting into society. Well Alexis Moore was put in a rough situation and with her back against the wall overcame her problems to create a new lane for herself and those with similar issues.

AMorefitbody is a wellness program to help those who struggle with getting into physical and mental shape. Moore, who is a native of Lake Jackson, Texas, started this program after going through a rough time in her life. She just had her first child but was laid off her job. That stress lead her to become overweight and later splitting up with her partner. To top it all off, her speech became a major problem as she began to stutter heavily. She took the initiative to change her life for the better as she developed “AMoorefitbody”. The goal is to help women control craving, chronic dieting, overeating, emotional eating, binge eating, and body image issues. This lifestyle program is giving women the confidence to change their bodies and gain their confidence back.

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Being such an inspiration to so many women, Moore has been able to spread her knowledge of self-improvement through public speaking. This skill is a fear that many face when put on the spot but Moore has mastered the craft over the years. Growing up with a speech impediment she was determined to never let anything stop her from attaining her goals as she always told herself she was always a great speaker. That motivation lead her to receive a full basketball scholarship to Texas Southern University and graduating with a degree in accounting. She now helps organizations that help with communication disorders. Her grandmother also played a huge role in her life by always motivating her as well. The motto “Open Mouths, Open Doors”, stuck in Moore’s head for years as she has been acknowledged greatly for her public speaking.

The future is very bright for Moore as she hopes to accomplish more and more each year. She is currently a franchise owner of Smoothie King but looks to own multiple in various locations around the nation. As a fitness expert, having her own Pilates studio is another goal she hopes to attain. Speaking to more individuals around the world looking for motivation and overcoming their fears is a special goal she looks to reach as well.

To learn more about AMoorefitbody visit, Email, follow on Twitter AMooreFitBody, Instagram AMooreFitbody, and Facebook AMooreFitbody.



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