Black Business Spotlight: For The Leaux Clothing


When attending college, many hours of studying and cramming for exams are expected. For those who are in difficult majors, there is little free time to have fun when youre fighting for the best grades possible. Well Victor Madu is one of the very few college students that took it upon himself to make the most out his time outside of school and start his own business. Thats how For The Leaux Clothing was created.

For The Leaux Clothing is an apparel line started by the 20 year old Madu of Atlanta, Georgia. He is a current student at the University of Texas-San Antonio, majoring in business. The idea behind the clothing line was to do something outside of being a student and create something huge. Madu took his chances and eventually invested in producing t-shirts. His following has grown immensely as For The Leaux Clothing has customers all over the world.

The reception from the outside who support For The Leaux Clothing has been so great, Madu is always looking to satisfy the customer. He recently challenged his supporters to spread awareness of the brand by telling them to get the brands Twitter following to a specific number of followers. If they reached a certain number, the entire online store would be free for a night. This type of service is something that Madu offers every once and while to show his appreciation to those supporting the movement.

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The design that For The Leaux Clothing provides is very simple but clean at the same time. This is the type of apparel that can be rocked at almost any type of social event. From the hoodies to the shirts, this is a very fashionable brand that is only getting better. Madu does not feel he needs to compete with other brands when it comes to marketing. Staying in his own lane is what got him this far.

To learn more about For The Leaux Clothing please visit, Instagram fortheleaux, Twitter fortheleaux or goat_vicc, and Facebook fortheleaux.


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