Black Business Spotlight: AHeard Creates




When given paint, a brush, and a canvas, an artist has the power to create a story that can impact a generation for years to come. Whether you are telling a story about the past, present, or future, painters hold a ton of pride in this art form. Ashley Heard has made a living of telling stories through her artwork and she is starting to see her audience grow. The creativity in her work will definitely capture your attention.

AHeard Creates is an art platform that concentrates on creating stories and portraits through different types of mediums of paint, charcoal, and graphite. A native of Marietta, GA, Heard found her passion for art through spending time alone and recharging herself as a youth. She would start drawing to help clear her mind. Despite this hobby, she was actually terrified of painting. The idea of adding color to a drawing was intimidating, so Heard wanted to just stick to the basics. It was not until 2012 when she realized that there is no wrong when it comes to art. When an artist is telling the story, the journey is always headed in the right direction. She made the journey to her local arts and craft store and the rest was history.

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Every artist has his or her own style that makes their work different. Heard’s style has a mixture of color, contrast, and realism. The colors that are in her paintings stand out, which is very important. Some of her noteworthy paintings include Tupac and Killmonger which stand out because of the beautiful colorways that were used. Painting prominent figures that are musicians or actors that created a notable change in society inspire her to do what she does.

As the AHeard Creates brand continues to come up with new material, reaching a bigger audience is something Heard is looking to accomplish. The goal is to inspire and bring awareness to all meaningful aspects of life. The creativity will never stop.

To learn more about AHeard Creates please visit, follow on Instagram aheardcreates, or email



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