Black Business Spotlight: Macari Naturals


When it comes to taking care of your hair, women are very particular on what products they use. Women of color tend to find it difficult to find hair care items that can maintain, moisturize, and help grow their hair. There are not too many products on the market that use natural remedies that will not damage hair. Macari Naturals is here to save your hair and give you all the confidence you need.

Macari Naturals is a natural hair care online store started by Shanique Woodley from New Mexico. All of her products are handmade from organic ingredients and made for women of all colors. Woodley started making her own products to treat her and friends as well. Seeing the great results that have come from her work, starting a business was only right. This independence and hustle came from her upbringing, as her mother’s successful tactics as a single parent helped her character.

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Many of the products that women use can have negative effects on your hair. With women of color, you have to be very careful on what you put on your body. Macari Naturals handmade ingredients contain essential oils that can help sustain your hair and flourish to its potential. For example, the Give Me Strength Shampoo contains hemp oil which strengthens hair follicles and has omega 3-6-9 fatty acids. This is great for repairing damaged hair and has a passion fruit guava scent. When you have products that contain hazelnut, apricot, castor, and other essential oils, your hair is definitely benefiting and will grow comfortably.

As a new business owner, Woodley is very excited about her life in the hair care business. Even though she has been hearing great results from her clientele, she is still curious on what the future brings. Be on the lookout for new products soon from Macari Naturals. You may even see skin care products as well.

To learn more about Macari Naturals, visit, Twitter MacariNaturals, and Instagram macarinaturals.


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