Black Business Spotlight: Smhokin Pot



Good food always has the power to bring a community together. Whether it is the holidays or a block party, you can never go wrong with a homemade dish that brings a smile to everyone’s face. Well now you have the option of receiving a homemade dish by way of a food truck and you will not be disappointed. Smhokin Pot’s food will keep you coming back for more.

Smhokin Pot is a food truck based in Los Angeles, California started by Calvin Alexander. The goal of Smhokin Pot is to serve “Cali fire with a Southern twist.” Many of the dishes that Alexander and his team make are traditional meals but have an extra kick to it. The Surf and Turf fries and Tri-Tip tacos are just some of the options to choose from when this food truck is in your area. You can feel the love and passion in the food during every bite you take. Lines usually go around the block which means the word has gotten out about this wonderful cuisine.


Alexander’s food inspiration was heavily influenced by his parents. With ties going back to Shreveport, Louisiana, they instilled a tough love culture that not only helped Alexander in the kitchen but in life. His dad was an entrepreneur and showed him how to run his own business at an early age. Smhokin Pot started small as Alexander was making lunches for his coworkers. Once business started to take off, festivals became a norm and the start of the food truck was then born. The hard work that was put into Smhokin Pot is paying off as people come from all over Los Angeles to taste this spectacle.

What once started out as catered meals for coworkers, now has fed thousands in Southern California. Alexander plans to open up a restaurant in the future and have more food trucks as well. The food will definitely be SMHOKIN for years to come.

To learn more about Smhokin Pot please visit, follow on Instagram smhokinpot, Twitter smhokinpot, and Facebook Chef C’s Smhokin Pot.


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