Black Business Spotlight: Smitty’s Signature Pudding


After a great meal, the only thing that can top off your night is some amazing dessert. From German chocolate cake to sweet potato pie, you can always make room for extras if you have a sweet tooth. Well one Compton native is sharing their amazing dessert with the world and you will definitely be back for seconds.

Smitty’s Signature Pudding is a family owned business started by Tray Smith that specializes in banana pudding. Smith and his wife started out making different versions of the pudding. It was ultimately the cold version that became the way they made their pudding over the hot version. The reception has been great all over the community as many customers are satisfied by the quality they are receiving. You can catch Smitty’s at numerous events like festivals and block parties.

The great aspect of Smitty’s Signature Pudding is that they have different kinds of pudding that will have you hooked. The strawberry crunch is a customer favorite that sells out fast. There is also caramel banana pudding that melts in your mouth. Taking pudding to the next level is also what they do as creating different recipes keep you wanting more. Smitty’s changed the game with their horchata churro pudding and Reese’s peanut butter pudding. This type of dessert will change taste buds forever as the whole city of Compton is excited and proud of what Smitty’s is doing.

As the world continues to be blessed with such great pudding, Smitty’s plans on expanding their business so everyone can get a taste. Stepping into the food truck and restaurant arena while employing the community is a goal they plan to achieve. Come get your pudding before it’s too late!

To learn more about Smitty’s Signatures Pudding visit them on Instagram Smittys_Signature_Pudding and Facebook Smitty’s Signature Pudding.



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