Black Business Spotlight: Set In Soul

1E4E449C-181E-47C1-B33A-3752BC022323 ​Finding yourself after going through a rough patch in life can really damage a person. Everyone goes through many trials and tribulations in today’s society but having that key person to lean on when needed is very scarce. Well now there is place where we can go to escape the pain and get help with our problems. Set In Soul is here to the rescue.

Set In Soul is an online store where people can go to get healing, empowerment, and valuable information to help overcome their life issues.  The creator, Tatiana Jerome, started her platform after she wrote her first book, Love Lost Love Found. After receiving great praise for her work, her audience wanted to know more about dealing with their issues on an intimate level. Being the great writer she was, Jerome started to promote journaling, which is a great way to let out your thoughts and emotions. The first journal she created was a breakup journal called Reclaim: Piece x Piece that helps heal heartbreak. More and more journals were created which gained an immense amount of popularity.

The creation of journals has given her audience to power to express their feelings on paper which has changed many lives. Being a writer, Jerome advocated that coming from an honest place is the best way to vent and pour you heart out. Having no structure is the key to journaling because your creative juices must flow. There are many women who use the journals and have seen positive growth in their spirituality. The ultimate goal of Set In Soul is to become your spiritual best friend when in need of any kind of soul searching.

Despite the journals being a big part of Set In Soul, there are other products that are there to uplift your mental and physical well-being. There are skin care products to help you feel good on the outside and make you glow. The beaded bracelets that are available serve as affirmation and meditation bracelets to helps remind someone on who they are and the greatness. Finally for the people out there who need a constant reminder of how great they are, there are custom made pens with inspirational quotes on them whenever journaling is required. Your one stop shop to help you grow as a person and become even better in life is here.

The goal is to have a lasting and positive impact all over the world as Jerome plans to keep going with Set In Soul. Seeing a customer feel their spiritual growth is something that keeps this business going. The material value will always come and go, but the spirit of Set In Soul will last forever.

To learn more about Set In Soul, visit or, Facebook iamtatianajerome or setinsoul, and Instagram setinsoul or Tatiana.jerome.



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