Black Business Spotlight: Coco’s Lip Smacking Cupcakes


A bakery is an important part of the community that brings amazing treats and smiles all around. When it was time to get a cake for a birthday or cupcakes for a baby shower your knew your local bakery could provide those services. One woman is bringing back that retro bakery feeling with her amazing desserts that will take your special occasion to the next level.

Coco’s Lip Smacking Cupcakes is a Los Angeles bakery that specializes in custom cakes and cupcakes. Founded by Coco five years ago, she was able to turn her passion of baking into a full on business. Teaching herself how to bake might have been one of her greatest accomplishments because of the overwhelming reception she’s received. She credits her family for being very supportive in being successful. These treats are definitely a favorite at any occasion.

A lot goes into baking desserts but the one aspect that can make or break a bakery is presentation. Coco prides herself on showcasing her desserts to the world in the most elegant way. She has a number of birthday cake styles that are creative and eye popping. From sports team logos to comic book characters, this artwork has everyone coming back for more.

Now ultimately taste can be the biggest deal breaker when looking at deserts but that has never been a problem for Coco. These treats ae very moist and flavorful. Her most popular flavors so far have been Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Red Velvet, Strawberry, and Snickers. There are also classic flavors like Carrot, Chocolate, and Lemon that you can never go wrong with.

Despite being in a popular industry, Coco has stayed consistent in this game and plans to be here for a long time. Using all her resources, especially being in the social media internet era, has helped her out a lot. With everyone trying to get a hand on Coco’s deserts, she has plans to expand her business so it becomes more accessible. Getting into the food truck game and opening up a few bakery locations is in the works soon.

To learn more about Coco’s Lip Smacking Cupcakes visit and follow on Instagram LipSmackingCupcakes.


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