Black Business Spotlight: Pastel Rae Art


The capital of California is home to many unknown gems and stars. In Sacramento, there is not enough credit that goes around to the artist or other creative individuals that put on for the city. Everyone in the 916 knows their work should be seen by larger crowds but they always stay true to their roots. One artist who has made a good name for herself within the city and is gaining more notoriety is Pastel Rae. One look at her artwork will make you want to buy everything she paints.

Pastel Rae is a Sacramento based painter who has been creating artwork for years. As a child growing up, it started with your basic arts and crafts which then transitioned to painting as a teenager. It was only when she became a young adult that Rae started taking painting more serious as she went through a rough time in her life. She credits her experiences as her main influences into what goes into her art.

The artwork that is created when Pastel Rae is painting on a canvas is an amazing sight to see. When it comes to painting, naked women with blank faces might be her favorite pieces to create. This work really allows the viewer to visualize the Black face and gives them the imagination on what they would want it to look like. Many of her paintings symbolize very important messages in the Black community like Black love and parenting. Images like this in the community spread a very positive message that is needed among our people.

Sacramento has embraced Raes work as the city is starting to turn more artsy. Despite being the state capital, it is very hard to break in as an artist unlike the Bay Area or Los Angeles. Rae is starting to do more community work especially with disabled children. Inspired by her autistic nephew, as they created a bond through art. Giving other kids that experience is something she plans to bring more to the city which will bring out more future artists like herself.

To learn more about Pastel Rae visit, Instagram pastelrae, Twitter pastelrae, Facebook pastelrae, and Youtube pastelrae.


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