Black Business Spotlight: Telly’s Grille and Catering


When it comes to delivering food, the service your business provides is critical. From the entrées to the desserts, quality and presentation are heavily observed by those who are introduced to your products. Well if you ever run across food from Telly’s, you are going to get the best of the best which make you come back for more.

Telly’s Grille and Catering is a pop up catering company started in 2016 by Compton native Dantele “Telly” Tucker and South Los Angeles native, Crystal Woodward. Cooking was a big part of both their families which is one of the main reasons they started this company. Back in 2011, Crystal was cooking and making recipe blogs so when she linked up with Dantele it was a match made in heaven. Today they work all across the west coast with their main catering team located in Torrance, California.

The goal of Telly’s is to create an experience that the customer is not accustomed to but still provide you with your traditional feel. All of the food is made fresh with the best ingredients. Everyone loves wings so when you get them from Telly’s, they are going to blow your mind. With homemade sauces that you cannot find anywhere else it definitely takes your taste buds to the next level. The desserts come fresh out of the oven, like the cinnamon rolls and peach cobbler, are a popular demand among customers. Whether it is Taco Tuesdays, the jambalaya egg rolls, fried chicken, or sliders there are number of delicious options that will have you satisfied.

What the future holds for Telly’s is endless. Expanding their business so other states can experience this one of a kind cuisine is a goal they believe is attainable. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner is the type of service that you can also expect in the future. With the buzz continuing to grow this expansion is likely to happen soon.

To learn more about Telly’s Grille and Catering, follow them on Instagram @tellysgrille and Facebook @TellysGrille


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