Black Business Spotlight: Itz Lemon Made


If you ever have spent a summer in the south, you know that the heat is no joke. Trying to find anything to cool you off is the main priority. Though staying hydrated with water is the best way to go, sometimes you want a little flavor to go with your drink. Vashti Shakoor has the solution to keep you sane when the heat gets crazy: lemonade. This is not your ordinary classic beverage but a twist that will shock your taste buds.

Itz Lemon Made is raw cold pressed lemonade sweetened with agave instead of sugar. Shakoor, the founder/owner, uses a slow presser along with other fruit juices and herbs to create an exotic experience. The idea to start a lemonade business was inspired by her time in Texas where she was exposed to frozen flavored lemonade that used flavored syrups at her local corner store. After moving to Atlanta, she was inspired by seeing a man selling frozen fruit out of his cooler. Shakoor would end up partnering up with the man after losing her job to collaborate on a drink called “Lovenade”. Despite the popularity in the community, she felt bad about the high amount of sugar used in her drink so she started to use agave. This new creation would change the game forever. 

What separates an Itz Lemon Made drink from the competition is the great balance you receive. From a health standpoint, there is no processed sugars like many of the drinks you find at your local grocery store. It also tastes better than healthier options like kombucha. There are a variety of flavors like watermelon, ginger, and blackberry that give the customer a number of tasteful options. Customers always gain a huge interest when the free samples are offered. Reaching out to the community has been one of the best ways to market Itz Lemon Made.

If you have not tried Itz Lemon Made yet then no worries because they will be expanding worldwide soon. Shakoor hopes to have her products in major grocery stores like Whole Foods and Sprouts. You will also see them at festivals and other large events where quenching your thirst is needed. Shakoor’s grind is paying off big time as she has focused on her goals ever since she started her business. Making the lemonade was the easy part, the business is how she separated herself.

To learn more about Itz Lemon Made visit the website You can also follow on Instagram  itzlemonmade, Facebook itzlemonmade, and  Youtube –itzlemonmade.


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