Black Business Spotlight: Total Man Fine Clothing & Male Groomin



Becoming a business professional as a Black man can be a very tough task. In our society, most of the time, people are taken serious based on their looks and appearance. Whether going to a job interview, business meeting, or even a date, looking presentable can get your far in life. That’s why KeLan Foard has set out to help men gain the right resources and confidence to achieve every goal possible.

Total Man Fine Clothing and Male Grooming is a business professional shop based out of Detroit, Michigan that offers a wide range of services; from custom made suits and shoe shining to beard treatments and skin care products. Foard, who is the founder and CEO, always had a passion for fashion. Considering his humble background, which included being in the church, fulfilling a need in his community was a no brainer. This is a needed business for those looking to switch up their appearance from time to time. 

When you are involved with business professional looks, having a wide variety of options is what can take your company to another level. Foard made sure that the Total Man brand is well stocked with great quality material. There are over 5,000 fabrics when it comes to creating a suit for clients. The plaid suits and peak lapels have gotten the most business so far. With the amazing customer service that is provided, you will want to come back and get the most of the Total Man brand.

As Foard strives to keep the Black image positive, he hopes to spread the Total Man brand all around the country. Having at least 3 locations is an attainable goal within the next five years. Looking fly is now becoming more accessible and Black men have been flourishing more than ever.

To get learn more about the Total Man Brand please visit his Instagram @Iamkelanfoard. If you want to get in contact with him  please reach him at his Email


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