Black Business Spotlight: Greek Town Apparel Company


Black Greek Fraternities and Sororities have had a long lasting impact in the community for a number of years. Their strong presence in the college setting has given many young black men and women opportunities to thrive in a number of professions. For Michael Manuel, the Greek life allowed him to thrive in the entrepreneur world.

Greek Town Apparel is a clothing brand started by Manuel in 2015 who is a native of Carson, California. The purpose of this brand is to feature designs of legendary Black Greek fraternities while showcasing their unity and history. Greek Town actually stands for Great Realized Everyone Enjoys Knowledge Through Others We Know. Manuel, who was a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity at UC Berkeley, was instilled with strong morals at an early age that apply to his brand. There are several items or SKU’s on Greek Town Apparel that contain important knowledge to help better the community.

The importance of a brand like Greek Town Apparel has the ability to keep the culture thriving for years to come. One strong initiative that Manuel pushes with his business is being a Black father. Having a “Black Fathers Matters” line as well as the Black Fathers Project which offers workshops to fathers is a key component to keeping the community together. In the business world, most clothing companies lack care for positivity in Black culture but Greek Town is here to change the narrative. Providing these important values shows that this is more than a piece of clothing. Wearing a shirt that says “Dear Black Man, You are A KING” or an Educated and Unbothered shirt can go a long way in empowering the people.

As Manuel has manifested his dreams in Greek Town Apparel, the world will continue feel the powerful impact he has made. Sharing the mission, whether its college campuses or the streets of Carson, the bridges have to be built. Positive values bring positive results.

To learn more about Greek Town Apparel, you can follow their Instagram greektown. For more information about the Black Fathers Project visit Instagram theblackfathersproject.


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