Black Business Spotlight: Fried Manna Funnel Cakes


When fair and carnival season comes around, there is large amount of positive energy thatsweeps through the city. Bringing the community together with people of all ages for a fun cause can create memories forever. One tradition that is a must for any carnival or fair is eating funnel cake. This fun filled dessert comes in many flavors and can put a smile on any face. Well one couple is keeping the tradition alive while adding their own twist to it.

Fried Manna Funnel Cakes is a dessert company started by Tanae and Rondell Eskridge from Los Angeles, California. They specialize in a number of treats but are known for their funnel cake. The reason for starting their business was providing a fun outlet to the community,especially for the church they worked for. Acquiring a funnel cake vender can be an expensive task, so creating this platform would be easier for the locals to experience this delicacy. Having affordable prices makes them a must have at any event.

When it is time to get a funnel cake you should have a number of options that make your choice difficult. At Fried Manna the ingredients are made fresh so every dessert will melt in your mouth. The Coach Rondell is the name of their classic funnel cake that many enjoy. You even have the option of having gluten free batter. If you want to add some flair to your cake, then The Strong Black Man might be the way to go. It is a two layer cake that is covered in chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and your choice of stewed fruit. Then you have the classic deep fried Oreos and brownies which might have you coming back for more. Fried Manna creates an experience like no other.

With business really booming in the Los Angeles area, Fried Manna is poised for a big expansion. They plan of having multiple store fronts and carts throughout the country. Fairs will never be the same once the Fried Manna truck pulls up and everyone is gets their issue.

To learn more about Fried Manna Funnel Cakes visit their website, Instagram/ friedmannafunnelcakes, and Facebook/ Fried Manna Funnel Cakes.


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