Black Business Spotlight: Compton Vegan


Being conscious on what we put in our bodies is an important issue that affects the Black community. We are used to the soul food dinners made by our family that fill us up and satisfy our needs. Unfortunately, with all the sodium and fat that many of these foods have, your health can become an issue down the line. Most urban communities do not have healthy food options to choose from and usually have to go out their way to attain certain items. That’s why Lemel Durrah is promoting healthy eating with one of the most delicious vegan options on the market.

Compton Vegan is an international vegan company started by Durrah in 2015.  As a native of Compton, California, Durrah always wanted to give back to his community in way it could benefit the people in a healthy way. It was always a goal to open a vegan restaurant in Compton and be his own boss like Hip Hop mogul Dame Dash, so going after his wildest dreams looked like the right way to go. Working for Space X made him realize what was going to be his next move in life as he was helping accomplish someone else’s dream. At the time Durrah participated in a fast in which cleansed his mind, body, and soul while he was going through a divorce. The main takeaway from the fast was what we put in our bodies and the effects it can have on us. Being a valuable source of healthy food is why Compton Vegan is here to save the community. 

When making the switch to vegan meals, many folks are skeptical on what to eat. All of Compton Vegan meals resemble your traditional foods you would probably eat. Everything is 100% plant based and soy free. A popular seller is usually the jackfruit ribs that comes with cashew cheese based mac and cheeze, collard greens, and cornbread. Folks have come from all walks of life to try a Compton Vegan meal and have not been disappointment.

Changing your nutrition can be a tough task but with Durrah blessing the community with these healthy meals, lives are being saved one meal at a time. He is currently working on a food truck and opening a restaurant in multiple cities which would include Compton. Keeping the people informed and safe through clean eating will always be the goal and Compton Vegan is headed in the right direction.

If you would like more information about Compton Vegan please visit  or visit their Instagram Compton Vegan


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