Black Business Spotlight: Lux Mane


The hair care business is a billion dollar industry that pays special attention to the women of the world. When it comes to taking care of their hair, women will invest a lot of money and time. Unfortunately, there is a history of the Black community being underserved when it comes to healthy options for maintaining their hair. That’s where Lux Mane comes into play to save and educate them on having a successful hair journey.
Lux Mane is a natural hair care company started by Sadayah Bankston and Alkira Evans. They met in Miami, Florida four years ago and deciding to start a business together after having casual conversations about hair and the intense process. Both are very ambitious women who wanted to give back to the community in a special way. Seeing most women share the same hair concerns, Lux Mane was put in place to help those all around the world get the best treatment possible.

When it’s time to treat your hair, the ingredients that Lux Mane provide are some of the best for healthy maintenance. One of the most popular products from the line has to be the Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil Cocktail. It contains a mix of 100% natural ancient Indian herbs and oils which help stimulate hair follicles. Your hair will end up growing faster, healthier, and thicker. There is also the Growth and Nourish bundle that will get your hair foundation started off right.
As the future of the hair care business continues to evolve, the Lux Mane brand model will always stand on educating the people. Creating effective products where your hair can get the best results will keep this company alive for years to come.
To learn more about Lux Mane, you can visit, follow on Instagram luxmane_, Twitter luxmane_, Facebook LuxManeLLC, or


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