Black Business Spotlight: Pretty Healthy Café


Changing your diet can always be tough but finding food that looks appealing might be more of a struggle. Since appearance is everything with food, healthy options tend to keep folks away when trying to switch it up. Drinking green juices and eating salads is benefiting in the long run but making it look good and accessible is what most people need. That’s why Canisha Barnes is hoping to change the game with her amazing healthy meals that look “pretty”.

Pretty Healthy Café is a restaurant in Miami Gardens, Florida that specializes in healthy eating options. From salads, smoothies, and wraps, Barnes has created an environment where people can come eat delicious meals that look amazing. Born in a business minded family, Barnes learned the game from her father who was a business owner and provided everything for her family. Having that type of hustle gave her the confidence to start her own business and it has been going well ever since. Once the foundation was set, people started to take notice and the customer support grew heavily.


Being in a field where there are starting to be more healthy food options, Pretty Healthy Café is standing tall against the competition. Barnes is confident that her brand is like no one else in the world. Presentation is everything in the food industry, so making your meals look exciting can bring in or keep away customers. At the Pretty Healthy Café, everything is freshly prepared and given to you in five star form. One of the most popular dishes is the Tuna which can come in a salad, wrap, or sandwich. Chicken wraps are also a customer favorite that sell fast.

As the state of Florida gets all of the love from Pretty Healthy Café, Barnes would like to expand all across the nation. Expect a food truck in the future as well. Her brand has also been built from planning and executing which has worked out well. This café is definitely on the way to the top of the restaurant game.

To learn more about Pretty Healthy Café, please visit their website  Pretty Healthy Café, or you can visit them at their shop 17560 N.W 27th avenue, Miami Gardens, Florida, suite 123. 



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