Black Business Spotlight: Love Bucket Cafe


Changing your everyday routine can be hard when you are used to certain habits for years. Whether it is trying to start working out early in the morning, starting a new job, or getting ready for school, change can be challenging. One big change that can have you go crazy is your diet. With so many good fatty foods that we eat every day, starting to eat clean can help improve your life in so many ways. If you are trying to take that next step, then look into the Love Bucket Café. It might be the best decision you ever make.

Love Bucket Café is a vegan food service that was started by Sharon Gilmore in 2015. A native of Oakland, Ca, Gilmore came from a rough background as she lived in poverty growing up in the Bay Area. With both of her parents hooked on drugs and being in the foster system, these moments helped change her as a person into the woman she is today. What inspired Gilmore to become a chef was losing her father to cancer in 2009. The man who taught her how to cook made her realize that being healthy can improve your lifestyle. After attending culinary school, Gilmore moved to Los Angeles to start her business. Ever since then Love Bucket Café has been doing well as people have taken notice of her amazing meals.

When first checking out vegan meals, many are skeptical and confused on where to start. At the Love Bucket Café, all meals are freshly prepared and are presented very well. The vegan nacho bowl tacos are a customer favorite that usually sell out fast. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner meals are available for those who want to meal prep. All types of fruits and veggies are implemented to give your body the best results. Gilmore also caters events so you can enjoy a healthy experience at any location.

As she continues to spread the word on eating clean, Gilmore has made a promise to make a change in the community in every way possible. Love Bucket Café gives 5% of their proceeds to foster youth. A food truck and multiple franchises is also in the works. Feeling the love in every meal is what will get this brand across the world.

To learn more about Love Bucket Café visit Instagram @lovebucketvegan, Twitter @spgchef_g, and Facebook


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