Black Inspirational Spotlight: Supreme Queen SF



Seeing a woman handle a business in a male-dominated society is a special sight. Whether it is playing a sport or being in the fashion industry, seeing women thrive and have positions of power can be very inspiring for the younger generation. For Supreme Queen SF, being a leader to the next generation of women through their apparel has created a great foundation.

Supreme Queen SF is an up and coming community street clothing line that is here to build positivity and unity among young women of color. The founders, Ronnisha “Poppy” Johnson and RheemaEmy” Calloway, were both raised in San Francisco, California in which they met at an early age. Having a passion for food, being creative, and fighting for their people gave them the motivation to give back to the community. Being in the street fashion game, men have dominated this industry for years and women of color not being represented have motivated these two women to be the best they can be. Being raised by strong black women in the hood and seeing other black women start businesses, provided strong inspiration. Every piece of gear that is created has a story and purpose.

Being involved in street fashion wear can be a tricky business. Trying to separate yourself from the rest of the competition can be difficult but at Supreme Queen SF, they continue to shine above everyone. All of their designs are to promote confidence withinwomen of color. Wearing a “Queen Shit” crop hoodie or slides can really give a woman confidence and bring light to a room. Having bold slogans with vibrant colors paints a vivid picture of what women empowerment looks like. The “Too Many Bitches Not Enuf Queens” tee is another popular favorite that keeps the crown strong. As young black entrepreneurs, having a strong vision and passion to be successful is what keeps Supreme Queen SF going strong. Everyone in the community is rooting for them to make a positive difference.

With women all over the city looking for a boost in confidence through Supreme Queen SF clothing, Johnson and Calloway continue to make the necessary strides to make their community proud. They have an annual scholarship through a support group called “Conscious Queens” and partner with small businesses to help keep the community thriving. Having a brick and mortar store in their hometown of San Francisco is a huge goal they like to accomplish within the next five years. These queens are definitely shining bright with their crowns.

To learn more about Supreme Queen SF please visit, Twitter Supreme Queen SF, Instagram Supreme Queen SF and Facebook Supreme Queen SF


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