Black Business Spotlight: Authentic Vibrations



When it comes to women and their health care, finding the right products to give your body the best results is always important. The more popular brands you find in retail stores may not always be the best for you. Recently, there has been a huge surge in natural organic products that many women are starting to take advantage of and are seeing positive results. For Candice Ashley, creating products that heal people was a goal that would become her calling in life.

Authentic Vibrations is an all-natural skincare line and women’s vaginal line health brand. Ashley who is a Boynton Beach, Florida native who now resides in Los Angeles, started her business as a wire wrapped crystal service. She would later discover soap making and would find her passion in becoming a healer. Authentic Vibrations provides products for all types of skin and yoni products that are amazing for women.


Making all-natural products that are better for your long term health take a great deal of precision and focus. The care that Ashley puts in her products are all handmade, while establishing a great relationship with her customers. Some of her customer’s favorites include the Cooty Cat Shower Gel and the 24K Lemon Charcoal Face Wash. Authentic Vibrations is also your best fight against acne, body fungus, and other pesky body problems. With products like the Strawberry Foaming Soap Scrub or Banana Babe Bar, your body will thank you in the future. Ashley is motivated by God and spreading her message of using what the earth has provided us. 


With the clientele growing at a rapid pace, look for Authentic Vibrations to be one of the biggest skin care brands. As an all-natural healer, Ashley will look to help others create their own soaps with her new YouTube tutorial channel coming soon. With this God given gift, women all around the world will be saved and refreshed for good.

To learn more about Authentic Vibrations, follow on Instagram CandiceAshley__ or like Authentic Vibrations on Facebook.


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