Black Business Spotlight: 3 Some Chocolates


One of the greatest treats that has been put on this earth has to be chocolate. Whether it is melted on ice cream or in bar form, chocolate is a delicacy that everyone seems to enjoy. The experience of eating it has not changed one bit but one couple is giving customers a chance to spice it up in the dessert game.

3 Some Chocolate is an up and coming chocolate brand that combines three types of chocolate in one bar. This “3 Some” is composed of milk, white, and dark. The creators, Patrick Glanville and Kristin Parker from New York City, started this business in January 2017 with the help of Patrick’s skills in making chocolate which was a family skill taught over the years. These handcrafted bars are made to perfection and have a unique taste that will have you coming back for more.


When it is time to order from 3 Some Chocolate, making a choice might be a tough one. There are so many options that will have you leaving with multiple chocolate bars. Some of the flavors are so eye popping you might not have even thought that they could be made into a dessert.  The Jerk Chocolate Bites, Henny Truffles, or the Ruby Chocolate Bars are just some of the favorites that customers love to buy. Most flavors like these are not available in your more popular storesso when there is a chance to order from 3 Some Chocolate you have to take full advantage. These high quality desserts are made from scratch and with love so every bite is good for the soul.

This business was built off of changing the chocolate game forever. As they started from the ground up, every client has motivated 3 Some Chocolate to continue their great success. There was a good amount of criticism due to the name of the brand but they have overcome many obstacles with hard work and persistence. In the near future you will see stores all across the country with everyone trying the new wave of chocolate.

To learn more about 3 Some Chocolate you can visit, Instagram 3somechocolates, Twitter 3somechocolates, Facebook 3somechocolates, and Pinterest 3somechocolates.


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