Black Business Spotlight: Twenty-Six 4


We all know the phrase “One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure” when dealing with finding new gems in life. Thrift shopping allows you to find new treasures that a person gave up on and create your own style. In Los Angeles, CA the thrift lifestyle has become a huge part of the fashion culture with stores all across the city. This lifestyle helped inspire two young women from the inner city to share their passion for thrifting and let the world know that their style is unmatched.

Twenty-Six 4 is a thrifting brand started by Narkie Opong and Dawonna Mone’t who are both from the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles. This business was created when both women attempted to sell their clothes to a thrift store but were denied. It was in that moment they decided to create their own brand that gives the people a feel of their own fashion taste. The name Twenty-Six 4 comes from their birthdays with Dawonna’s birth date being twenty-six and Narkie’s on the fourth. With such a unique style, this brand offers a wide variety of options that all women would love.

When you have trouble starting with thrifting, Twenty-Six 4 is the go-to place to find something that will match your mood or situation. All the items that you may find on their website are clothes that they once owned or would actually wear. If it does not fit their personal style, then it will not be sold to the customer. Items that do not fit the popular standard by society is what you get at Twenty-Six 4. From joggers, blazers, dresses, or even skirts, these looks will definitely attract attention anywhere you go.

As fashion business keeps both Narkie and Dawonna afloat, they are both very humble about their accomplishments as young entrepreneurs. For Narkie, understanding the business for not only yourself but others was an important factor when starting. Not being afraid to take chances at accomplishing your dream is an important idea she lives by. Dawonna preaches on not focusing on the outside noise but yourself and the path you have chosen. These aspects are vital when tapping into the fashion industry because creativity is everything.

Thrifting has been brought into a whole new world now with Twenty-Six 4 coming into play. Both Narkie and Dawonna keep themselves sane with inspiration from God, life experiences, and other positive outlets that feed them good energy. In the future, inspiring the next wave of leaders and opening the door for women in the fashion industry is a goal they will continue to work on every day.

To learn more about Twenty-Six Four visit, Instagram twentysiix4, Facebook Twenty-Six4, or



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