Black Business Spotlight: Bri Cuisine


Being in the food industry, separating yourself is such an important quality that will keep your business afloat for many years to come. From ingredients to promotional methods, young entrepreneurs have created many ways to showcase their amazing cuisines. For Brianna Anderson, being creative has allowed her business to thrive. If you are ready to shake something up for your next meal then make your way to Bri’s Cuisine asap.

Bri’s Cuisine is a catering service that specializes in Soul and Caribbean food in Willimantic, Connecticut. Anderson grew up in a diverse household where both her parents taught her how to cook these special meals. Her business mindset was always intact but when it was time to go legit, there was no plan. Just the confidence to share her passion with the world.

The reason why Bri’s Cuisine differs from the competition is the combination of keeping it healthy but keeping the taste as well. Many of these meals are made with the best ingredients to have that gourmet feeling and taste. To go along with the Soul and Caribbean dishes, Bri’s Cuisine offers cannabis infused products, Chinese, and soul fusion dishes. This wide variety of food is a rare commodity in Connecticut so whenever folks get a chance to choose something new, Anderson is there to get them right. The Crack N Mac which is Baked Mac and Cheese and Rasta Cheese might be the most popular dishes on the menu. Who can resist these classic cheesy delights?

As this amazing delight continues to sweep across the east coast, Anderson’s passion is what keeps her business alive. Not looking to make a bunch of money is what allowed Bri’s Cuisine to spread far and make people feel good. An amazing cooked meal can bring a feeling that last forever. In the future, be sure to see about 2-3 food trucks around the country and eventually a brick and mortar.

To learn more about Bri’s Cuisine follow on Instagram briscuisine, Facebook Bri’s Cuisine, or email


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