Black Business Spotlight: Liquid District


The power of alcohol can make any party go up. Consuming this liquid always opens the door for great conversation and moments that last forever. One aspect that often gets overlooked is how it is presented by the bartender. A great bartender who can serve drinks with great personality will always have you come back for more. Well if you want to experience the best for your event, then Liquid District can give you the best bartending service you have ever seen.

Liquid District is a mobile bartending service started by Kan Leon from Los Angeles, California. Being interested in bar set ups and décor allowed Leon to start her own business. The presentation that the Liquid District provides gives their clientele an experience that many bars cannot provide. Drinking nowadays is more than mixing alcohol together to get drunk, it is the memories you create with your folks. Leon is the right person to turn up your event the right way.

Drink selection is an important task when it comes to starting your night off right. At the Liquid District, your drink choices are so special that it will be tough to choose. There are two specialty drinks that seem to have everyone wanting more: Strawberry Lemon Drip and the District Mule. From networking events, birthday parties, or even a Christmas party, all Liquid District drinkwill not be watered down and will have you coming back again and again.

In this industry, customer service is key to surviving but that has not been a problem for Leon and Liquid District. She has received great reviews about the product which only keeps getting better. As the business grows in Los Angeles, expanding all over Southern California is coming in the works soon. You will also catch them at larger events where folks will get the full experience. Drinking alcohol has definitely taken a great leap in the city.

To stay connected with Liquid District please follow their Instagram theliquiddistrict.


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