Black Business Spotlight: Letz Get Krackin


The Bay Area seafood scene is well known to many who come to this region. Being by the Pacific Ocean has allowed for some of the finest chefs to cook their cuisines. The East Bay is home to a local gem that is gaining a lot of attention due authentic taste and name that matches the experience customers will be participating in.

Letz Get Krackin is a fried seafood pop up shop started by Oakland native James Grant. This business is not your ordinary seafood service. Letz Get Krackin specializes in the batter which is used on all of the food to create an experience you will never forget. Creating new recipes that open eyes is what separated Grants food from the rest. The taste of fried lobster, crab, shrimp and salmon will have you coming back for more.

The success of Letz Get Krackin is credited to the support that Grant received over the years. Family played a big role in keeping him stable and sane. Growing up with 7 siblings made Grant humble in every way possible. The thought of losing was and will never be an option. Applying this mentality to his business was important, which always pays off.

Eating fried foods is always an interesting experience but with seafood comes an entirely different ballgame. Grants fried alligator, crab, and lobster run out fast. Being consistent with quality ingredients has allowed the business to gain good attention throughout the Bay Area.  Folks have come from miles to get a taste of a Letz Get Krackin meal.

Despite the popularity, Grant is still working hard to get his food on a world stage. In the future you will see Letz Get Krackin in the hands of major celebrities, television shows, and events. One of his biggest pieces of advice he would give a young entrepreneur is promote your name heavy. Invest in yourself like the stock market and you will see a profit later down the line.

To learn more about Letz Get Krackin follow on Instagram @letzgetkrackin, Email, or call 510-302-5923


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