Black Inspirational Spotlight: Gabrielle Lynn


The R&B game has seen many legends in the making over the years. From Mary J Blige and Alliyah ,to current stars like H.E.R. and Ella Mai, the genre continues to push out great vocal talent that attracts a lot of attention. A rising star that many will take notice of is Gabrielle Lynn. After dropping her first single “Who Do You Love” in early 2019, Lynn has finally released her EP “Ethereal.” In this 6 song project, Lynn shares about everything from her past relationships experiences to future achievements.

It has almost been 6 months since we last spoke with you. Let the people know what you’ve been up to!

Over the past 6 months I have been consistently in the gym, working on my voice and writing skills, and travelling to Richmond, VA to gather with the team and complete this amazing EP.

So, you just released a dope EP called “Ethereal.” Tell us what’s the inspiration behind this EP and why the unique name? 

 I really love love. I feel this EP allows me to convey how feelings of love should be expressed to another while keeping my self-love a priority. It took me a while to come up with a name that I thought would be most fitting, and someone in passing had called me “ethereal” once and I carried that word with me ever since I had heard it. I thought it was a perfect word to sum up how I feel about this EP and the message behind it.


What went into creating such a great song like “Kissing You?” 

Kissing You” was a really fun song to create. I think it is absolutely beautiful and was a personal experience I had…wanting to tell someone how I really felt about them.


In our previous interview you talked about lyrics with a purpose. When people listen to a song like “L.A.” what it’s overall message? 

It is important to me that I maintain authenticity when writing about my opinions, past experiences, goals, opinions, and be able to deliver any message I have in an uplifting, influential way. No matter what you have experienced in your life in the past, it is ok to let yourself be vulnerable and allow love in again.


You have such a great team around you; what went into creating this EP? 

I love everyone I work with, we have really become family. A lot of hard work went into this EP. Frequent gym sessions, photoshoots, music videos, travel, meetings, diligent writing, etc., and I am so thankful for everyone who is apart of it.


Talk to us about Rio Bridges; what influence did he have on this EP and are there any other people you would like to shoutout? 

Rio is such a joyous person to work with and I consider him family. He helps bring the best out of me as a person, song-writer, and artist;he maintains balance in the studio, and he obviously creates soul-moving music.

I honestly would love to shout everyone out!!

Cici Warner

Crystal Hawkes

Rio Bridges

Linbergh Cox

Tawny Henry (Mom)

Jae Young

Been Reza

Julius Seals

Aaron Boyles

Brittany Burt

Madison Mead

Grace Whittun

Melodee Haskins

What else can we expect from Gabrielle Lynn in 2019? 

I am currently Working on my LP! We are already 6 songs in, and I am really looking forward to sharing this next project with the world.


How can the people stay connected with you to follow your musical journey? 

Everyone is able to stay tuned in on my social media and all music platforms!

Instagram: @gabriellelhenry


As Lynn begins to hear all of the positive reception from her debut EP, she plans to keep the ball rolling with her LP coming in the near future. As a young artist in the game, her support system is strong and will keep her grounded for years to come. R&B is definitely in the right hands. 


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