Black Business Spotlight: LFLS Shoes


When it is time to dress up, all men know that the shoes you wear can affect the whole outfit. Whether you go suede or spice it up with some gators, your shoes will be one of the first things people will notice. There is one young man who has entered the fashion game and is stepping all over the competition.

LFLS is a designer shoe line started by Eric Jones. The Helena-West Helena, Arkansas native started his business while attending the University of Arkansas. Being an Apparel Merchandising and Product Development major and having a passion for fashion was all he needed to motivate him. With the help of his mother, Jones was able to start his business. Unfortunately, his mother passed away right before his graduation, but Jones remained strong and it wasn’t long before he received his first order for shoes.


Growing up in a supportive family, Jones had to grow up fast as he would help his bedridden grandma. Despite her eventually passing in 2010, he remained focus knowing he wanted to provide a better life for his family. As a Black man in America, there is always a pressure to perform and become successful.

Being in the fashion industry, location is everything. Being in the right place and networking with like-minded individuals helps you in the long run. Jones ended up moving to Los Angeles which has allowed him to grow the business. He has been on a number of panels such as Google and Soulful of Noise. Jones also hosts his own networking events to connect young entrepreneurs as well.

What makes LFLS shoes different than your standard dress shoes is quality and price. With many other designer shoes you might be paying hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars.  When you look at his attire you can tell that Jones has a good eye for fashion with his amazing suits. Adding his custom made shoes are able to add a major flare. Each pair is designed in the U.S by Jones and handcrafted in Brazil. Whether you’re into oxfords or loafers, all of the shoes are handcrafted by Jones himself. He makes sure that you are getting a quality shoe at a reasonable price.

Jones dream to have his own company has turned into reality. He is currently planning to release a new oxford shoe, heels for women, and shirts. Jones also plans to expand next year with his business growth academy where he conducts monthly seminars. Under his personal brand you can expect beard products and other self-care products to launch in the near future. To learn more about LFLS visit, Instagram/lflsshoes, and Facebook/LFLSSHOES.



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