Black Business Spotlight: Paynefool Clothing

In the Nigerian culture, the art of being business minded and independent is instilled at a young age. Many grow up in America with the opportunity to gain the resources to become successful in any industry they dive in. For Chukwuka Imebuogu, the passion to be a successful businessman is all he knows and it is paying off with Paynefool Clothing.

Paynefool Clothing is an art based clothing line started by Imebuogu who is currently an art student at University Texas at San Antonio. He was always intrigued by art at a young age which was partly inspired by his father who was an engineering student in college. Seeing the drafts his father made and always having a knack for doodling is where the foundation to his success started. While struggling with his mental health, he would post artwork online as therapy. Positive comments began to come in about his work as that gave him all the motivation to keep going. The Paynefool brand consists of dark aesthetics that are inspired by the underground Hip-Hop community. These designs stand out from your usual mainstream designs but remain unique at the same time.


When you look at a Paynefool piece, every aspect of it is perfected as art. Giving the customers an experience that they can wear forever is what separates this brand from the rest. From the PACman , Bug Red , or Rose Destruction designs, these images will always have spectators wondering where this brand came from. Standing out and asking questions like “what inspired this design?” or “What does this represent?Paynefool challenges the norm of society and allows people to see the world in a different way.

As the brand continues to grow, Imebuogu has made his Nigerian people proud. Having that entrepreneur mindset has turned him into a leader and someone who is pushing the culture forward. The future looks bright as Paynefool looks to spread its message internationally soon. The Igbo culture will be on top of fashion in the world for years to come.

To learn more about Paynefool clothing visit the Instagram @paynepfool or Twitter @paynefoolclothing

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