Black Inspirational Spotlight: Chelsea Phillips


Growing up in Georgia Chelsea Phillips has always had a love for sports and that has now transitioned to her being a sports 
Publicist.  Sports in general has always been a mans lane but more and more we have seen women stepping up and proving that they too can also represent men in sports. Here at black solutions we had the opportunity to spotlight Chelsea Phillips to learn more about her career, obstacles she has had to overcome and advice for future PR professions. Check it out below.

1. Youre an entrepreneur, where did that mindset come from growing up ?

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur because it is all I saw growing up; my parents have owned their own business since 1980. I
ve been an independent thinker for as long as I can remember, and wanted to be in a position to create a life I envisioned on my own, not under the pressures of a boss or manager.

2. What advice do you have for future entrepreneurs ? 

Stay the course. Theres someone out there depending on what exactly it is that you are called to do. Also, self-development is the key to staying in business. You have to pad your mind with positivity, because there will be 1 million negative forces trying to take you out on a daily basis.

3. As a business owner of Chelsea Phillips Public Relations, what was the most challenging obstacle you had to overcome ? 

As a business owner overall (I also work in personal finance), understanding that everyone doesnt think the same. The saying that comes to mind is you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink.

4. What was the reason you got into Sports PR & was this something that you always wanted to do ?

It was always something I wanted to do. My affinity for sports started in middle school, and when I started working for Auburn Athletics, I knew that I wanted to definitely work in sports.

5. As a Sports Publicist what has been the most satisfying thing about this career?

Helping my clients paint their brands outside of the football field. That is important in sports. I talk about on my blog how the perception of athletes is that they shouldnt have an opinion outside of sports when in actuality they have a voice that can influence the masses.

6. I love the Beyond the Jersey concept, could you explain what inspired this & what is it about ?

Thank you! The thing that inspired me the most was the comment for Lebron to shut up and dribble.As previously stated, athletes are so much more than someone who dribbles, throws or catches a football, etc. They are the leaders that so many people look up to, not only because of their extraordinary athletic abilities, but their ability to relate to individuals. Because of these factors, I wanted to have a platform to highlight these men and women giving back to their communities through their volunteer work, nonprofits, etc.

7. For future PR professionals what advice can you give them ? 

Build meaningful relationships. Ive built so many relationships from college and in my professional career of people who have poured into my vision, helped me strategize with business and even have become clients. We need people more than we know!

8.  How can people get in contact with you to continue to follow your journey ? 

Instagram: @Chelsea.S.Phillips, email: or my website

Chelsea Phillips is definitely a name to remember and I am sure we will see her name floating around more and more throughout the sports world. Women are proving that just because it’s a man’s game doesn’t mean women can’t represent athletes. All it takes is hard work, determination and the knowledge. Thank you for allowing us to spotlight you Chelsea. Also be sure to keep up with her on social media. She’s one to watch!


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