Black Business Spotlight: Young Fashion 16

Growing up in a fashion heavy household can have a great effect on someone who is exposed at a young age. For Shakira Sledge, being around church and music allowed her to experience different outfits while gaining a sense of creativity. This exposure is what ultimately led to the creation of Young Fashion 16. Interview below!

Tell us a little about yourself & how was it was growing up ? 

I grew up in the city of Chicago. Being the grandchild of a pastor I was raised in Church. As a child filling the bite of the fashion bug I would always play dress up matching different styles & colors. By my dad being a Grammy nominated producer & writer I was also surrounded by music, which really played a huge role in inspiring my love for the culture. Being from Chicago as a 17 year old getting out of the city and pursuing your passion is not a common thing. So to even be in this position of owning my own brand is a blessing from God.

 Growing up were you brought up to have an entrepreneurial mindset or is this something you learned throughout life ?  

My Dad and Stepmother who I appreciate so much instilled in me to alway think ownership. Yes its a road less traveled but that’s  what makes it the road for me.

 What is Young Fashion 16 clothing and how was it started?

 Young Fashion 16 is a brand that promotes good energy, self esteem, being comfortable with who you are. That’s where the colors come into play. The brand started with myself, my stepmom & dad. I shared my vision with them and we put our heads together and began to start the designing process.


How does your brand separate itself from others? What makes you unique ?

My brand is set apart and unique because of what the brand is and represents. From the big bold colors to our logo and statement of being “young & fresh forever” it’s actually a mind set. We really took our time with the brand. From the material of our pieces to the colors all the way down to the textures of our logos we place on them. These are just a few of the reasons people are being drawn to the brand the way they are. From celebrities to your every day fashionista.

 What got you into in the Fashion Art industry ?

My love for the art of fashion is what drew me in so passionately. This industry isn’t a place where you enter half prepared, or not being sure of yourself and what you’re offering.

 What advice do you have for future entrepreneurs out there ?

Stay focused! It’s easy to have a dream but it takes a focused and driven person to be successful in any industry. You can do whatever you desire, no matter if you are 5 or 50. Always have the mindset of “No limits” because the only limits that exist are the ones you create.

 Where do you see your business in 3-5 years? 

I see my company making its mark in the fashion industry.  Making an impact not just on how the world looks but how people in the world feel. I know my steps are ordered by God so greatness is in my view.

 How can people get in contact or find more information about Young Fashion 16 ?

Yes, you can follow us at —  Instagram @youngfashion_16 and Email 

As this young entrepreneur continues to branch out and spread this positive message through fashion, Sledge continues to stay grounded. She believes that no matter what age you are, having a “no limit” mindset will allow you to achieve anything in life. You can expect Young Fashion 16 to make a huge impact in not only the fashion industry, but the world as well. Giving the people something they feel good to wear and inspired at the same time. 


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