Black Business Spotlight: HT Physique

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Being fit and in shape has always been essential to one’s survival. The physical aspect of being the best version of yourself takes time, but is worth it in the end. But what if there is more to being physically fit? How is your mental state? How are your finances? How is your Spirit? These are questions that we should ask ourselves every day. These are also questions with which most people seem to struggle. To conquer all these problems, finding the right platform can create a great foundation. HT Physique is the one stop shop that allows you to get fit in all areas of life.

Tell us a little about yourself and what was it like for you growing up ?

My name is Heather, but you can call me HT.  I grew up in Denver, Colorado, so yes, I am a Broncos fan (for the haters – at least we won a Superbowl in the last 10 years)! I grew up in a single parent home, where my mother was THE word. My brother, 7 years older than me, played a large part in raising me until he left for California when I was 7. From that point on, it was just me and my mom. I come from a dancing family. My mother owned her own ballet studio, and so did my grandma. I danced competitively throughout high school, which is essentially the same as playing a varsity sport. I practiced and took class every day for hours after school and competed over the weekend in competitions that took me all over the US. How my mom afforded it, I’ll never know!

I created HT PHYSIQUE with the mission being to create PHYT individuals.

PHYT adj. To be mentally, physically, and financially fit.

I believe that every person deserves to better themselves on the inside and outside. Everyone deserves to unlock their potential, but sometimes we need a push to do so. I am that push.

Growing up were you brought up to have an entrepreneurial mindset or is this something you learned throughout life ?

What’s funny about this question is that my mom was and still is an entrepreneur. I didn’t realise that I had this role model my entire life. In fact, it was not until last year when I actually made the leap into being a full-time entrepreneur  that my mom made the connection for me. Most people in our family are actually entrepreneurs, but I never thought this was my path. It was not actively discussed in our household. But at some point, I realised I wasn’t going to achieve my goals working for corporate America. I had to create my own path. I still look back and say to myself, “Wow. You’re truly an entrepreneur.” I have to remind myself that I am actually out here creating, building, and expanding HT PHYSIQUE.

What is HT Physique and how was it started?

HT PHYSIQUE is the fitness part of my PHYT business. To be PHYT is to be mentally, physically, and financially fit. It all started when I began my own fitness journey shortly after graduating college. I started working full time and gained about 20lbs of weight. I was no longer dancing as my physical activity, so I knew it was time for me to get into the gym. But I didn’t really know anything about it. I started researching workouts on YouTube, doing those workouts in the gym, and making better nutritional choices. I began to see changes that I’d wanted for what seemed like forever. My legs were more toned, my tummy flattened. That drove me to work harder. I wanted to share my success with others and help others, so I started BBBxHT (Body Blast Bootcamp). I ran this bootcamp for 3 years at Cheviot Hills Park, here in LA. THAT is how HT Physique started. I had no certification, no brick and mortar location. Just a desire to help others and a drive to make it happen!

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How does your brand separate itself from others? What makes you unique?

HT PHYSIQUE (HTP)  is unique because, although rooted in the physical fitness of the individual, HTP approaches the individual as a multi-layered being. One cannot address the perceived physical limitations without adjusting the mental state as well. I coach a lot of women. We’ll use Sher as my example. Before training with me, Sher had never picked up more than a 5lb dumbbell, so when I asked her to pick up the 8lb dumbbell, her mind was telling her, “I’ve never done that. I can’t do it.” She even said it outloud. I asked her one question, “How heavy was your baby?” She said, “7lbs 5 oz.” I said “Ok, so you CAN do it. You carried that baby around for months! You can curl this dumbbell for 1 minute!”  BOOM. Mindset shift. These kinds of AH-Hah! Moments are what HT PHYSIQUE is all about.

What got you into the Fitness & Finance industry?

 What a loaded question! I’ll keep it short. I wanted to be able to take care of my mom. To tell her that she no longer needs to work, that she can actually (retire). But, in order to do that, I knew I had to change my situation – my money situation. Once I hit that realisation everything changed. Millionaires have on average 7 streams of income- at the time I had one. So while I maintained my corporate job, I started HTP. I found many people wanted to train with me, but simply couldn’t afford it. Why? Because no one had ever taught them how to grow and multiply their money. I, again, wanted to share what I’d learned with others. To set up both individuals and families with investment vehicles that secure their financial future. I turned my desire to retire my mom into a way to help others do the same. 

What advice do you have for future entrepreneurs out there?

Biggest piece of advice for future entrepreneurs? Actively work to get rid of your student loan and credit card debt. Build up your Emergency Fund. Then I want you to pull out a piece of paper and a pen. I want you to write down what you want to build. Dreams are just dreams, until you write them down. When you put pen to paper, that’s when the idea begins to take shape and grow. Success follows hard work. It’s inevitable.

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Where do you see your business in 3-5 years?

Wow. As crazy as it sounds I see my company expanding beyond what I can even imagine right now. I am building a platform that will eventually allow me to travel around the country putting on massive fitness events – think Coachella, but without the desert. I want a massive stage, thousands of people, men and women in the audience, and an energy that is contagious. All people trying to get PHYT! (This is me putting pen to paper as mentioned above).

8. How can the people get in contact or find more information about HT Physique (Social media/websites)

I am most active on IG @ht_physique , posting daily.

On Tuesdays, I post to my blog via my website HTPHYSIQUE.COM

That’s also where you can join my virtual gym, THE PHYT GYM or set up a Prosperity Call.

OH! I’m on Facebook –  updated daily with pictures and videos from my clients and classes.

And of course,  YouTube  where I have a ton of “follow along” workouts.


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