Black Business Spotlight: Come Wet Season

1. Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and how was your upbringing?

First and foremost my name is Arris Hudson, and I’m from Oakland, CaliforniaI started my brand in 2018, it’s called “comewetseason” and it has been going pretty well over the last three years. I’m pretty much more successful than I actually thought I would be; it actually surprised me how things started off with my first few items. I’ve always felt like I had an eye for fashion and I figured out what looked good and what didn’t, so that’s kind of how like I got into the fashion and clothing industry. I also feel like I’m a natural born hustler, so like that just makes it so much easier running a business, because it doesn’t feel like work to me, even if I’m doing all these different tasks because I’m just so used to it; I always know how to hustle to get where i’m trying to go.

2. How have you been handling yourself during COVID-19 pandemic?

In pandemic it was kind of rough because everything was kind of new and I didn’t really know where I was going or what the world was doing, so once everything settles I will kind of figure out the best way possible I could capitalize off that even though it’s not really the best situation for anyone. It was an unprecedented situation where I realized I still have to be able to grow my brand, grow my know my popularity, and grow everything because I still have an end goal. During the pandemic was some of my best and most successful times just because I got to really sit down and focus specifically on my brand for an extended amount of time and not have the distractions of the real world since everything was closed. I got to focus on every little detail and executing things, or how to shop for better qualities, how to get better products, and expand and grow.

3. What is Come Wet Season and how did it start?

ComeWetSeason is being the flyest mf on earth! Honestly it started when I was in high school; my friend and I had a group chat and we used to call ourselves “ComeWetseason.” We would post it as a caption on Instagram or Twitter, basically anywhere we could post pictures, and eventually we came to be known as ComeWetSeason when people saw us at parties and places like that. I decided that since I always wanted to do this fashion thing I might as well jump in head first and see how it would go. Then i was thinking, I need a name for it and what better name than what people already know me as, and the brand was formed.

4. When did you know your business was going to be successful?

During the pandemic I really knew that my business was going to be successful just because during these unprecedented times it’s so hard for a lot of businesses and a lot of people to handle; it’s something that no one has ever really experienced, and I’ve had some of the most successful drops to date, seeing how my business has grown way more than it’s ever grown during this pandemic.

5. What are your most popular items?

My most popular items are always my hoodies; those are like the staple in my brain and what people know me as when you see the original Comewetseason hoodie. It’s becoming a familiar face in the Bay and those are what people usually are asking me for, they want to know when there will be more hoodies, when there will be more colors, etc, so I think my hoodies are probably the most popular item I have.

6. Any advice to the emerging entrepreneurs?

If I had to give any advice to emerging entrepreneurs is to run your own race, don’t worry about another brands or who may be having more success than you early on; don’t compare, just stay in your lane and focus on you and make sure that you’re doing everything you need to do for your brand to make the best out of your brand. When you start focusing on other people and other brands, your focus flows to them and not what you need to do, which means you’re not putting your best foot forward into what you got going on.

7. How can people get in touch with you?

(Social Media) Twitter: @Arribosuave_Instagram: @Arribosuave or the brand @comewetseason


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