Black SOULutions is an empowerment platform and revitalizing remedy for the Black Community. So often we witness and become enslaved to the negative stereotypes perpetuated within society about our community. We are portrayed as savages, slaves, ignorant, and criminals so often to the point where we personalize these “falsedeologies” (false ideologies) and portray inauthentic representations of our humanity. In other words, we adapt to a toxic psychosis founded upon and enforced by systematized White Supremacy and Westernized America that works to nullify and divide the Black and African-American diaspora. This personalized psychosis is then expressed through our own behaviors in how we relate to ourselves and our Brothas and Sistahs.

In order to refute and dismantle what WE know to be false images, dehumanizing injustice, and an overall mental, spiritual and physical genocide of our community, Black SOULutions offers a righteous and healing space for the Black community. Our goal is to focus and re-direct our energy on promoting positivity, providing multiple solutions, and re-defining our mindset through the re-membering and unity of our community. We want to assist in building the foundation of our much needed enclave by circulating our money within the Black community through the support of Black businesses, entrepreneurs, etc. We will provide resources in order to stay connected to our Brothas and Sistahs across the states and the globe; and we will also provide open discussion about the social issues we face today and how we, as a community, can address these issues.

Let us rise together through our unified healing and forward thinking solutions. Let us solidify our foundation, let us root to our authentic historical creation. We will grow in power, in light and in love. Black SOULutions: remedy for the Black Soul. Take flight to rise above.