Mission Statement

ProBlack Empowerment. Black Excellence. UnapologeticallyBlack. BlackLivesMatter. BuildingBlackCommunity. BlackUnity. FreedomForBlacks. BlackSOULutions.

Mission & Goals:

We want to be the center for the Black community to stay connected with Black-owned businesses in order to assist in circulating our money within our community. Currently, our dollar stays only 6 HOURS within the Black community and we want to increase the amount of time that dollar circulates within our community. Further, we want to educate our peoples (and all other peoples who come across our page) about the social issues directly effecting the Black community and provide SOLUTIONS for these issues. In essence, we want to:

  • Re-direct our focus on positivity and productivity
  • Providing platform and space for Black-owned businesses
  • Strengthen, connect and unite the Black community
  • Building and structuring Black Enclaves