Black Inspirational Spotlight: Jennifer Vassel

I am convinced that God didn’t give me this vision for no reason. He’s allowing people to open doors for us because we are solving a real problem. … More Black Inspirational Spotlight: Jennifer Vassel

Black Business Spotlight: AMoorefitbody

AMorefitbody is a wellness program to help those who struggle with getting into physical and mental shape.
The goal is to help women control craving, chronic dieting, overeating, emotional eating, binge eating, and body image issues. … More Black Business Spotlight: AMoorefitbody

Black Business Spotlight: Pop My Button Off Catering

When looking for a catering company to host your events, there are tons of factors that go into choosing the right one. From food options, location, to price, these have to be all calculated into receiving the best catering experience. Well if you are looking for a fun filled service with top of the line … More Black Business Spotlight: Pop My Button Off Catering