Black Business Spotlight: Lachele Cosmetics

The makeup industry has been a flourishing business for many years. Women of all shades use makeup to enhance their beauty and show creativity on their face. In particular Black women, have an interesting skin tones that may be more complex than the average person. That’s why Lachele Cosmetics is here to help them bring out their unique beauty. … More Black Business Spotlight: Lachele Cosmetics

Black Business Spotlight: Brown Skin Poppin

It is up to me to show girls and women to embrace their skin color whether you are a lighter shade of brown or the darkest. Whatever your skin color is, you are beautiful because God created you in his image and chose that specific shade just for you. … More Black Business Spotlight: Brown Skin Poppin

Black Business Spotlight: I Am Success

Being successful is more than money itself. Money is a tool to build, control or orchestrate things that pertain to your life. In order to be successful you must manifest your mind and heart to gain special keys to unlock that door to your success. So being successful to me is being able to wake up every day and do whatever it is that you please. … More Black Business Spotlight: I Am Success