Black Business Spotlight: Twenty-Six 4

Thrifting has been brought into a whole new world now with Twenty-Six 4 coming into play. Both Narkie and Dawonna keep themselves sane with inspiration from God, life experiences, and other positive outlets that feed them good energy. … More Black Business Spotlight: Twenty-Six 4


Black Inspirational Spotlight: Supreme Queen SF

Seeing a woman handle a business in a male-dominated society is a special sight. Whether it is playing a sport or being in the fashion industry, seeing women thrive and have positions of power can be very inspiring for the younger generation. … More Black Inspirational Spotlight: Supreme Queen SF

Black inspirational Spotlight: Cari Champion

From running her own organization ​Brown Girls Dream​ and being an anchor on​ ESPN​, Cari Champion is the definition of inspiration. We had the opportunity to sit down with Cari for our Black Soulutions Spotlight and what an honor it was. We discussed everything from her vision behind her organization ​“Brown Girls Dream​”, her upbringing … More Black inspirational Spotlight: Cari Champion