Black inspirational Spotlight: Josina Anderson

Women in sports journalism have had a long journey to gain proper respect amongst their counterparts. Despite facing numerous challenges that females have historically face in this field especially as an African American woman, there are still successful examples … More Black inspirational Spotlight: Josina Anderson


Black Business Spotlight: Pastel Rae Art

Pastel Rae is a Sacramento based painter who has been creating artwork for years. As a child growing up, it started with your basic arts and crafts which then transitioned to painting as a teenager. It was only when she became a young adult that Rae started taking painting more serious as she went through a rough time in her life. … More Black Business Spotlight: Pastel Rae Art

Black Business Spotlight: Ambition Modeling and Talent Agency

There are many talented individuals out there who do not always have the proper exposure to reach the masses. Whether you are an aspiring model or actor, representation is eventually needed. Most do not know where to find the proper talent agencies when starting off in the entertainment industry, especially in a metropolitan city. That’s … More Black Business Spotlight: Ambition Modeling and Talent Agency

Black Inspirational Spotlight: Amara La Negra

  Colorism is a very important issue that has not only affected the African American community but the Latino community as well. Whether it is in school or the job place, those who have darker colored skin are often looked down and ridiculed upon. The entertainment industry has been a prime example of discrimination of … More Black Inspirational Spotlight: Amara La Negra

Black Business Spotlight: Nubian Gods

The continent of Africa has so much to provide to those who are unaware of the priceless work it provides. Finding natural resources from the motherland can be difficult for those who want to show their support here in America. That’s why two women have come together to help give you these natural resources that can bring you closer to Africa … More Black Business Spotlight: Nubian Gods