Black Business Spotlight: Move First

Move First
Move First


Economic independence is something that many entrepreneurs preach on. Having a source of income that does not rely on a typical 9 to 5 job gives you a sense of accomplishment and wealth that can be built on for generations. Unfortunately, many young black men and women are not educated on creating their own economic wealth. That’s why Tyler Nelson is here to help his people out with his brand Move First and get them educated on creating their own platform.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Nelson was out to create his own platform from the jump. Living in one of the most expensive places in the country, you have to always be able to support yourself and sometimes others as well. Nelson wanted to start a movement that empowered people to gain financial freedom and break away from the traditional norm of being an employer.

“As a creator I feel like a lot of creative people have to go to other people and big businesses to get the word out about their creations. So I always wanted my own platform to promote myself and my friends,” said Nelson.

One aspect Nelson thrives off of is interviewing independent Black business owners on his website. Seeing the success they have creates a sense of motivation one might need to start their own business. The name Move First proved to be a valuable concept as his plan was heading into the right direction.

“Move First came about simply because I like the idea of moving towards your goals. Your first move should always be towards success. Everybody should be moving,” said Nelson.

The use of a clothing line was also essential in getting the message out. As he started to gain an audience, Nelson would give out financial advice on ways to build monetary wealth to those who are looking for better stability in their life. Knowing the current state of the economy, it is important to gain financial independence.

“Financial Freedom is hard to get because things are always changing. Back in the day working a job for 40 years and getting a pension was the way to go and it was pretty simple. Now with the price of living so high, most jobs are not paying you enough. So that along with information and education not being passed around to many people about finances makes it difficult for people to really make money. But there are three ways to get wealth in a capitalistic society: stocks, real estate, or owning a business. A lot of people simply don’t know that,” said Nelson.

As Move First continues to educate the community, Nelson continues to help people reach their goals and better their lives.

“I see Move First being a big platform for all local creative people in LA. Helping younger kids get their brands and talents out. I see myself like as a DJ Vlad type person with this Move First platform and just helping others reach their goals,” said Nelson.

To learn more about Tyler Nelson and the Move First brand you can follow him on Twitter  @movefirstbrand, Instagram @movefirstbrand, email at, or his website



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