Black Business Spotlight: Hoop Maps

When ball is life, hoopers will go great lengths to find a pick-up game. Whether you are trying to get some cardio or play against some different competition, finding a solid pick-up game can be difficult in some areas. That’s why two brothers are helping you find local pick-up games with your phone. Hoop Maps is a hoopers dream.

Hoop Maps is a mobile app that allows anyone to find pick-up games in your area. The idea came from twin brothers Donte and Dominic Morris from Oakland, California. When the brothers were shooting hoops one day at the park, they wanted to get a game but did not know where to find the best games around. That dilemma sparked the brothers to create an app that allows you to find games in real time. This simple idea would later become a hit.

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The power of this app has been able to bring people together to play a game we all enjoy. With Hoop Maps you are allowed to create a game at the park you are at or find other local games going on. When first created, there was not much traffic when it came to downloading the app but with strong marketing, Hoop Maps started to gain more popularity. The Morris twins actually went to courts to spread the word to hoopers and got them to download the app.

As popularity for Hoop Maps continues to grow the Morris twins were blessed to receive a huge shout out from the worldwide leader in sports. That’s right, ESPN featured Hoop Maps on Sportscenter. This primetime show seen by millions of viewers gave them the needed exposure. It actually caught the twins by surprise when they were featured on television. Since then, Hoop Maps has been featured on a number big time media outlets like CBS and shows like Shark Tank.

The future is endless for Hoop Maps as they plan to become the biggest sports app in the world. The goal is to branch out in all sports where people can rate, schedule, and get access to all pick-up games. So if you are looking for a game of basketball in your area, download Hoop Maps today!

To learn more about Hoop Maps, you can download in the Apple Store or Google Play. Visit, email, Instagram hoopmaps, Twitter hoopmaps, and Facebook hoopmaps.




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