Black Business Spotlight: DWHPP Art


Having a passion for creating art is a talent that some realize at a young age.  As these young artists develop, creating a name for themselves can be tough especially if they plan to make their art a legitimate business.   One young woman has taken art and business to a whole new level.  DWHPP Art might be coming to a city near you and the work will blow your mind.

DWHPP Art is an art platform started by Dyymond Whipper-Young. Her primary medium when it comes to art is painting.  She started at the age of 11, growing up in Baltimore, Maryland.  Now a student at Temple University in Philadelphia, Whipper-Young has expanded exposure to her art at numerous art shows and events showcasing her work. She specializes in numerous paint concepts such as live paintings, murals, oil paintings, and sculptures.

Every artist has their own style and Whipper-Young’s style will definitely grab your attention. Her goal is to focus on people of color, showing their positive side through art. She has numerous paintings and sculptures that showcase the beauty of Black men and women. She shows their natural bodies not only on canvas but also through live painting on actual people. Whipper-Young’s art is very colorful and tells a story.  Her art prompts an emotional response from her audience.  Whether you are an artist or a spectator, you will feel the passion in her work.  This passion shows she has achieved her goal.

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With all this talent comes great exposure and DWHPP Art is making waves across the nation.  Last year Whipper-Young put on an art show called #Dwhppandfriends in Philadelphia. This event not only brought local artist together but other young entrepreneurs showcasing their talents. The event was a sold out success.

As DWHPP Art goes to the top, Whipper-Young has had the privilege to paint for a number of celebrities.  Cardi B, Common, Fetty Wap, and Larry Fitzgerald are just a few she has had the pleasure of painting.  She has also painted in front of Magic Johnson, Dougie Fresh, Mary Mary and others at events for the Los Angeles Urban League.  Despite being surrounded by all these big names, Whipper-Young remains humble.  Even though she is appreciative of all who have supported her, she wants people to recognize the quality of her work.

Whipper-Young continues to be a positive influence on those in underprivileged communities where there is a lack of representation in the art community.  You can expect more accomplishments from DWHPP Art with more art shows which will have a major impact for generations to come.

To learn more about DWHPP Art visit, Instagram  _dwhpp & dwhpp_, and Twitter dwhpp.



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