Black Business Spotlight: Peter Jean-Marie


The state of Florida has always had an interesting fashion taste. Being in the south, this region has been blessed with a number of diverse cultures that have contributed to the community. As a tourist coming to the state, you will experience a number of vibrant styles that you may adopt yourself. For Peter Jean-Marie, being a native of Florida has influenced his fashion sense which has allowed him share his style with the world. Being suited and booted has become his lifestyle.

Peter Jean-Marie started his self-titled men and women’s wear line that specializes in ties. Born in Pompano Beach and raised in Naples, Florida, Jean Marie had dreams of becoming a model after finding interest in television advertisements of clothing commercials. This passion helped him get signed to an agency and he would later go to college for fashion. His first major wave of attention was making a dress out of chocolate and being recognized at the Miami International Mall. His strong fashion sense could be seen all around campus as he wore suits to class every day. Jean-Marie started posting his clothing on Instagram and it was there where he started to gain notice from students from other universities. From there he started having fashion shows at other schools. It was then his business was born.

The style that Jean-Marie offers really separates himself from the rest of the competition. With his products you are not just getting a tie but a personality. The man behind the brand is very important to him so he makes sure to let the customer know they will be getting quality that inspires them to look their best. All his ties are custom-made and stand out with any outfit you plan to wear. The Pecan Blue tie has been his favorite because it sold out first. This pattern took three weeks to make so the appreciation for it was very special.

As the fashion world continues to get blessed by Jean-Marie’s creations, he continues to keep faith and stay true to himself. As the business continues to grow, there is still progress to be made. His first pop-up shop in Naples was a success and he plans to do about 20 more in Florida this year. Guess you can say he plans to “tie” the industry together.

To learn more about Peter Jean-Marie please visit his website or you can follow his Instagram Peter Jean Marie.


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