Black Business Spotlight: Sweet Sweets


Having a sweet tooth can be one of the most addictive traits a foodie can have. With the amount of cakes, pies, candy, and other desserts out there, the options seem unlimited when it’s time to eat. Well if you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, then Sweet Sweets is never a bad option.

Sweet Sweets is a pop up and online candy store created by Geneva Boyce that specializes in a number delicious desserts. Boyce’s goal was to give the people that nostalgic feeling that brings you back to your childhood when you were craving desserts. The treats that are offered are all custom made and cannot be found anywhere else. Sweet Sweets also offers a variety of drinks that will have your taste buds going crazy.



There are plenty of classic options to choose from when it’s time to choose your dessert. Boyce has a number of customer favorites that sell out fast if you are not quick enough. The gummies might take the number one spot and it is no surprise. This classic dessert comes in many favors from Sweet Sweets brand. Fruit punch, peach, pineapple, and tropical punch are the most requested. Sour belts and chamoy flavored candies always get a lot of attention as well.

Dessert companies have come a long way and play a huge role in satisfying our taste buds. Sweet Sweets will soon become a major player in revolutionizing our desserts. Boyce sees her business becoming as big as Snickers or Skittles. With storefronts, ice cream trucks, and mobile carts in the works, this business is planning to make their mark. Giving back to the community with fundraisers is also an important task. These treats are destined to put smiles on our faces forever.

To learn more about Sweet Sweets visit or Instagram Sweet Sweets Treats.


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