Black Business Spotlight: Trees Mother Nature


The earth is home to many rich and amazing minerals that have kept mankind flourishing for years. As many of these precious resources have been used in our everyday lives, there are still a number of people who are unaware of the powers that Mother Nature gives us. One huge matter that is being stressed more now has been skincare and the use of all-natural products. Seeing that there is a huge consumer market in skin care, Trinesha Galloway took it upon herself to educate and save her community one face at a time.

Trees Mother Nature is an organic natural skincare line started by Galloway, a native of South Central Los Angeles. She started her business when one day she noticed she was having problems with her skin and started doing research on ways to clear up the issue naturally. Once she saw positive results, others began to take notice. It was then she dedicated her life to making products that helped others improve their skin. Since working on her brand, Galloway has had very solid clientele that have seen great results. All of her products are made from scratch. The name “Trees Mother Nature” comes from her first name Trinesha which she goes by Tree for short. “Mother Nature” is what she is providing her people with from her products. This movement of giving back in a healthy way is very much needed in the community.

Skincare issues are a task that must be taken very seriously. From dry, oily, or sensitive skin, Trees Mother Nature products can take on any problem. Her Baby Got a Burn Oil has been doing numbers lately due to the effectiveness it has on treating those summer time burns. To start off your day, the Calabasas Coffee Scrub can do the trick. When it is time to moisturize, just put on some Plain Jane Shea Butter and your skin will feel soft as ever. All of the different types of scrubs, body butters, and oils are important to keeping your skin clean and clear for years to come.

Though most of Galloways clientele is local in the Los Angeles Area, she plans to spread her love and knowledge of skincare worldwide. Her motivation behind all of this is her two sons. Providing them everything they need and more has pushed her to become the greatest entrepreneur she can be. Educating those who want to improve their lifestyle and go against the grain also keeps this business afloat. Galloway also wants to go back to school to get her degree. Look out for Trees Mother Nature to have a storefront in South Central in a few years to keep the Black business culture alive in the city. Mother Nature will be definitely lending a positive hand for many generations.

To learn more about Trees Mother Nature visit or follow on Instagram @trees.mothernature.



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